Buyers Program include:

  • Lodgement: 3 nights in a double room, hotel designated by ANTAD. *We recommend to book shortly (hotel occupancy has high demand).
  • Registration of Badges and Lodging. 
  • Food: one assigned room inside the Exhibition Floor.
  • Conference Program: Training for the retail sector.
  • Access to the Business Floor: 1,900 exhibitors, more than 660 New Products in a Exhibitio Floor of 55,000 m2.
  • BUSINESS MEETINGS: We remind you of the use of the system that will allow you to pre-schedule business appointments in the most efficient way.

*You can schedule your Business Meeting Agenda from February 1st to 28th.

* If you have any questions, please get in touch with

What are the benefits to enter Business Meeting?

  • Streamline your business time on a previously established agenda.
  • Meet with companies that have the profile you are looking for. Our Business Meeting Agenda has a search engine that allows you to match a profile by category or keywords.
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Pasos para crear tu perfil

  • Regístrate como expositor o comprador asociado al evento
  • Crea tu perfil
  • Preséntate en el lugar y horario establecido para llevar a cabo tu reunión
  • Descarga tu agenda para consultarla durante el evento 
  • Solicita y confirma citas 
  • Elige participantes con los que te quieras reunir 

Sign up for the largest Expo in the food industry.

  • 50,000 visitors.
  • 1,900 exhibitors to do business of 660 product launched.
  • #RetailTalks taught by experts.
  • More than 30 countries visiting us.
  • And much more!