The opportunity to meet the main national retailer chains, wholesalers, distributors, chefs and buyers of the Food Industry and related products.

Business Meetings


The advertising and sponsorship opportunities of Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria Mexico features an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, reinforce your branding to a target audience and increase the traffic to your exhibition booth. Thus, achieving more exposure of your new products and services and more ROI by focusing your marketing efforts on your target audience enhancing your presence at the event as a market leader.


The official APP will provide information at real-time, offering a unique experience of what is happening at the event. Show your Brand/Product to be seen by all the users. 

This is the most seen media tool where you can locate the exhibitors and all the business areas of the exhibition floor. Get more impact by uploading a video promoting your products or services before, during and after the event takes place. 

Eco Tote Bag, with your corporate LOGO on one or both sides of the bag, where you can include a welcome kit with information of your company or product.

Great for companies with equipment or cleaning products. Located in three different areas in Jalisco and Gourmet & Delicatessen halls, where exhibitors using those areas will experience the benefits of your products. 

According to statistics in the trade show, every person checks the website at least 15 times per day during their visit to the expo.

The first thing to be seen on their mobile is your brand, creating an immediate connection with your company.

Registration is the first meeting point of the expo, where your corporate logo will be seen by all the attendees to the show, creating interest in visiting your exhibition booth. 

Welcome Reception is a Networking Activity previous to the event, for exhibitors and special guests of Government and International Identities.

With 2,000 attendees, this sponsorship definitely positions you as a leader in the field. 

The dissemination and communication of your brand on the exhibition floor is very important to increase the traffic to your exhibition booth. Take advantage of the areas we have inside the halls and explore your creativity to generate expectation to potential clients. 

Kiosks are for easily find exhibitors and sites of the exhibition floor. 95% of the attendance consult this important tool. They extend your participation and presence in the exhibition floor as well as the benefits to visiting you. 

A place where the attendees may take a break and relax. A space to work in a quiet atmosphere.

A place to exhibit your new products. Take advantage of this area and get a showcase exclusively for the exhibition of your products. 

You’ll make big news with your corporate brand in the Conference Program, from a conference room with your company name or even a professional speaker with a specialized topic for Retail, Hotels and  restaurant attendees focusing in Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, etc. 

Three extraordinary activities that represent a different way to test, launch and exchange best practices through Gastronomic Demonstrations that bring together professionals from the food industry and the RETAIL, HOTEL, and RESTAURANT sectors. 

  • Cooking Experience: Spice up your business
  • Tasting & Pairings: In its purest expression
  • Drink Show: The Perfect Mix

Area for all attendees to communicate the highlights of the latest researches, strategies and new concepts in Marketing, Media and new Trends that influence the behavior of the consumer in their purchasing decisions.

THE WORLD OF RETAILING IN MOVEMENT, is the website of smart radio, oriented to the business world aimed to improve business links between their listeners. Focused on the Retail sector and food industry.

Connect to our social networks and promote your novelties and launching of new products to the world of cybernauts of the Retail and HORECA sector.

Areas in the exhibition hall created to promote your products or services. A place well adapted with an innovative system to give talks. 

Led screens to display your logo brand or products, located in main aisles of the exhibition floor to catch attention and encourage visitors to visit your exhibition booth.

Create a world of possibilities and be where many would like to be. Make your own sponsorship package and choose from all the options we have where you want to have your logo brand and product.

Play for a cause: Do networking with professional buyers and participants while playing. 

A unique experience where participants will learn how the Distribution Centers work, since the arrival of products to the delivery to the stores. 

Some Participating Exhibitors

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Our Exhibitors Opinion

Pasos para crear tu perfil

  • Agiliza tu tiempo de negocios en una agenda previamente establecida y personalizada.
  • Podrás reunirte con las empresas que tengan el perfil que buscas, gracias a su motor de búsqueda por categoría o palabras clave.


  • Regístrate como expositor o comprador asociado al evento
  • Crea tu perfil
  • Elige participantes con los que te quieras reunir
  • Solicita y confirma citas
  • Descarga tu agenda para consultarla durante el evento
  • Preséntate en el lugar y horario establecido para llevar a cabo tu reunión


Do you want to hire an Exhibition space?

Manual de Expositor

Queremos asegurarnos de que su participación como expositor sea exitosa.

Como expositor, le hicimos llegar vía correo electrónico una clave de acceso al Portal del Manual del Expositor, en donde podrá encontrar:

  • Montaje
  • Desmontaje
  • Reglamento de exposición
  • Administrador de invitaciones
  • Plataforma de Encuentro de Negocios
  • Ficha de Montaje y Desmontaje
  • Tutoriales para el envío de Información
  • Información para Empresas Montadoras
  • Entre otros…

Descarga el Manual

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Descarga PDF

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