Business Meetings

Participating in business meetings and increasing business development opportunities is an excellent way to introduce yourself to potential customers and get up to date with the retail community.

Business Meetings to generate connections between the community of the retail sector.

In Business Meetings you will find opportunities to create links with other participants in the Retail and HORECA industry.

  • Appointment schedule.
  • Business HUB.
  • Warranty
  • Gallery of products and solutions.
  • platform to connect 24/7 for a whole year.

Results Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria 2022.





Activate your agenda and schedule business appointments with the Expo ANTAD 2023 community



You have a space to promote your portfolio of products and solutions, network, and schedule appointments.

Associate Buyer

Find the offer of products and solutions in one place to program your business agenda and include all the suppliers of your interest.


Guest Buyer

Get the Business Pass, designed to accompany you in your appointment schedule, and reserve it in time.

Send an email to  with the subject: I am interested in participating – invited buyer.