Experts will share with you the highlights strategies, research, tactics and new concepts in Marketing, Media and Advertising that will support your business strategy. If your specialty is marketing, consumer experience, media digital and creativity these conferences will be of interest to you.

Available from October 14th and throughout the event.

Our Speakers

Transforming the Mass Consumption industry through Artificial Intelligence

Available from October 14

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How to increase your sales and margins by optimizing your pricing and promotion strategies through Artificial Intelligence.

Who are our speakers?

Allan Gamboa – Customer Success Head
Responsible for managing the success of clients in Mexico, LATAM and the United States.
For 15 years he was Director of Marketing and Trade Marketing for Bimbo in Central America,

South America, Mexico and the United States, responsible for all the group’s brands and in particular, in charge of the Pricing and Trade Promotion functions for the group.

Magaly Miranda – Head of Sales Mexico
Responsible for developing and managing the portfolio of new accounts. He has worked with more than 40 clients within the Mass Consumption industry in Mexico and Latin America, exceeding commercial objectives up to 5 million, with solutions related to: Consumption within the home, Shopper, Assortment, POS, Prices, Promotions and Launches.

Luisamaría Bonilla – “Key Account Manager”
Responsible for creating value for clients under his charge, optimizing prices, promotions and predicting their volume with high levels of certainty. With solid experience in market research working in a transnational company, consulting clients such as Colgate, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser and Mondelez, with local and regional responsibilities.

Carlos Pastor

Trade Marketing Digital – Evolving from average ticket to customer value

Available from October 14

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At the end of the day, most physical stores today know how much they sold and the value of the “average ticket” … but very few can identify the name of who visited their store, how many times and how often, or some form of Contact. All this is necessary to determine the “Customer Value over Time”, as well as the strategies to increase it and compete in a market that is becoming more OnLine every day.

Who is the lecturer?

He is a Mechanical Electrical Engineer with a specialty in Electronics and Communications from UNAM.

He has studied and taught courses and diplomas in Information and Communication Technologies in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe and has participated in the “Strategic Conversations” program at Harvard Business School.

Since 1990 he has served as a Programmer, Systems Engineer, Leader of Design and Implementation of Solutions; Consulting, and Sales in different positions nationally and internationally.

He currently coordinates the Telmex consultative sales team for the Industry, Group Companies, Services and Tourism sectors.

German Pedroza
General manager
Sensormatic Mexico.

How will we reopen the doors of retail ?: Trends around the world in
COVID-19 times

Available from October 14

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Innovation is critical to thriving in today’s retail environment. New technologies such as smart sensors, smart devices, artificial intelligence, RFID technology, smart video technologies and SaaS software, are changing the way we think, act and function within the value chain. It will discuss how retailers can leverage these technologies to improve the overall customer experience, employee productivity, reduce operating expenses and waste.

Our speaker

He is currently responsible for sales and return on investment for all Sensormatic business lines in Mexico.

Previously, he held the position of Executive Manager at Parkare Came Group in Mexico where he was responsible for sales and operations for the areas of installation, support of security systems and access control. He was also in charge of expanding operations in Central and South America. He has a degree in Marketing from ITAM University and a master’s degree in IT Administration from ITESM.

Rita Palos
Founder and CEO
Digital Business Academy

“E-Catman, the secret weapon to win the e-commerce war.”

Available from October 14

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In this conference you will learn about the e-catman 5D process, the main strategies to achieve accelerated growth, beyond the industry, practical tools to define your success criteria, how to measure and optimize the results of your ecommerce category management efforts.

Who is the lecturer?

Marketing expert. He has more than ten years in the digital part and is a specialist in areas such as shopper, sales and retail marketing.

She has collaborated with companies such as P&G, Laurate Universities, Motorola, Salesforce and Hubspot, she is now the founder and CEO of the Digital Business Academy and a digital evangelist.

As a born leader and strategist, he has brought his entrepreneurial spirit to the growth of companies with outstanding results. Which has allowed him to win 16 OMA awards (POPAI) for various projects (industry), best corporate trainer in Los Angeles (P&G) and a global brand building award (P&G).

In his more than 25 years of experience in marketing, he has the ten most important certifications in the industry such as Google Ads, Analytics and Hubspot.

Juan Ignacio Gallegos
Commercial Director

How to boost local marketing in difficult times?

Available from October 14

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There are many digital marketing tools today, but how do you know which ones are the right ones for a local demand generation strategy from a digital search? Need that TODAY has both the supply part and the demand generation part, the bet is What is close to me? (Max. 500 Characters)

Our speaker

He has a degree in communication from the Universidad Anáhuac, specialized in Sales and Marketing.

Passionate about technology, the last 5 years he has focused on digitizing for companies and alternative sales channels on the internet, as well as generating leads online and offline.

He currently collaborates with Virket on a commercial level and has personal projects focused on improving the customer’s experience in sales through various communication channels.

Santiago Dominguez
Retail Industry Lead

Discover five insights to help you adapt to the 2020 shopping season

Available from October 14

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The Mexican consumer has shown interesting buying patterns during the pandemic and that have opened up new business opportunities. In this talk we will show you the trends, key points and tips that must be followed to have a successful shopping season.

Our speaker

Leader of the retail industry at Facebook, with more than 9 years of experience in marketing and specialist in the area of ​​digital marketing.

Santiago has a history in the world of Retail and Ecommerce working for brands such as Hoteles City Express, Intel. His experience ranges from large corporations to being the founding partner of the startup Club Guard and an ecommerce for pets.

He is currently responsible for promoting our clients’ brands to generate better business results using Facebook platforms.

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