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Our Speakers

Alberto Montemayor Lozano
Baja Ferries

Short Sea Shipping: Maritime Roads in the Gulf of Mexico

October 14th
13:00 hrs

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  • Short sea shipping represents a great opportunity to streamline logistics. Currently the need for multimodal services is increasing. By complementing land and sea transportation, greater operational efficiency is guaranteed at the lowest cost.

  • The project to open the maritime highway in the Gulf of Mexico between the ports of Veracruz and Progreso offers a better option to improve the connectivity of the Yucatan Peninsula with the rest of the country based on different models of logistics services to improve the chain supply.


  • Benefits of multimodal transport
    Challenges of logistics in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Details of the maritime operation of the Veracruz-Progreso route.

Our speaker

Degree in Marketing from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education; He has degrees in Advanced Marketing from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Member of the Executive National Council of Canacar (National Chamber of Freight Transportation), where he is also the Delegate in La Paz and is part of the Board of Directors of AMANAC (Mexican Association of Shipping Agents A.C.). He also represents Baja Ferries before ANTAD (National Association of Self-service and Department Stores), ANTP (National Association of Private Transportation) and AMTI (Mexican Association of Intermodal Transportation).

Ulises Castillo Hernandez

Threats and Risks in the digital environments of the Retail Sector.

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October 14th
16:00 hrs

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, intense and costly, and the Retail industry is no exception. Here, 3 types of attacks have increased above all: Ransomware, attacks on your e-commerce sites and attacks on your infrastructure for controlling stores and payment methods. In this talk we will present some of the most famous and most impactful cases, to later analyze the vulnerabilities that they exploit and, above all, suggest the initiatives and technologies with which the Retail industry can face these new threats.

Our speaker

He has more than 40 years of experience in various fields of information technology and more than 20 in cybersecurity. He has been a professor at various universities since 1979 and founder of companies such as: Comper S.A., Grupo Scanda and Scitum, where he currently serves as director.

He studied engineering at La Salle University (1976-1980), with a Master’s in Cybersecurity (2005-2007) from Norwich University and a Master’s in Positive Leadership (2016-2017) from TecMilenio University. He obtained honorable mention in the three institutions.

He is a professor in the Master’s degrees in Cybersecurity at Tec de Monterrey and Universidad La Salle.
He holds CISSP (from ISC2), CISA and CISM (from ISACA) certifications and creative problem solving: CPS (Buffalo State University)

Luis Ignacio Carrillo

How to free up funds to direct them to innovation. Optimizing your ERP and database maintenance costs by up to 90%. Learn about Petco, Circle K, Ross & Peer 1 Imports.

October 15th
12:00 hrs

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The CIO and technology areas cannot wait to innovate. However, the current situation makes such investment difficult, learn how with Rimini Street you can save up to 90% on maintenance contracts for SAP and Oracle business software, ERP and Databases. Learn about the cases of: Circle K, Petco, Ross Dress for Less, Pier 1 Imports, which today are supported by Rimini Street, and have been able to allocate these funds to impact the business: to improve the customer experience, mobility in stores, virtual stores, artificial intelligence, omnichanel marketing, digital customer retention programs, etc.


  • Unified support services and managed service solutions for business software from SAP (ECC, SAP S / 4 HANA, Database, SAP Industry Solution Retail) and Oracle (ECC, EBS, Database, Oracle Retail ATG).

Our speaker

Information technology professional with more than 20 years of experience in technological services and solutions for different industries in the Mexican market. Within his professional experience, he has been part of technical, operational and commercial areas of technology services and products companies such as IBM, CSC, Oracle and Rimini Street. It is currently focused on helping Mexican companies obtain substantial savings in their IT operating costs, thereby enabling them to carry out their innovation projects and have a competitive advantage in their market.

Gilles Louwerens
Vice President of Analytics and Business Intelligence

Market Intelligence in telecom for retail strategy

October 15th
16:00 hrs

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  • Telecom and retail: how to integrate telecom intelligence in retail marketing.

Targeted communication
Consumer intelligence


  • Customer journey analysis
  • Client retention
  • Personalized multichannel experiences

Our speaker

Gilles Louwerens is Oxio’s Vice President of Business Intelligence and Analytics. He is responsible for the BI products provided to clients and internal analysis at Oxio.

In his last role at Uber, as Director of Market Intelligence LatAm, he and his team enabled the incorporation of external market data into Uber’s tactics and strategy, making it a key driver of Uber’s data-driven strategy in LatAm. and beyond. In addition to Gilles’ strategic and operational expertise, his technical expertise includes data pipelines (ETL), KPI modeling, churn probability modeling, customer segmentation, and product experimentation.

Supply chain visibility and risk mitigation.

October 16
13:00 hrs

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The Mexican market is known for truck cargo thefts due to a high concentration of organized criminal activity, as well as individual operators. Additionally, the transfer of resources due to COVID-19 has generated uncertainty, causing manufacturers and carriers to be hyper-vigilant and seek solutions to secure their assets. When it comes to the food and beverage industry, we know that shipments can often be time and temperature sensitive and must arrive on time and in optimal condition to ensure they are safe for consumers. To mitigate risk, you need real-time visibility to automatically detect and correct breaches, such as theft, theft, temperature drift or spoilage events within the supply chain.

Octavio Dominguez

Octavio recently joined Overhaul. Previously, from 2014 to 2020 he was responsible for the leadership and administration of FreightWatch International in Mexico. Octavio has more than 20 years of high-level executive experience in the commercial sector for global companies that are leaders in specialized security, logistics and distribution services. Octavio served as commercial director of Iron Mountain Mexico; He previously held senior executive positions in corporations such as DHL Worldwide Express, Aeromexpress and Iusacell. Octavio holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana and a Diploma in the Executive Business Program at IPADE.

David roman

David was born in Mexico City and grew up in the state of Sinaloa, studied engineering and soon after began working as a business manager for multinational companies, with more than 15 years of experience in technology fields (AVL and IT business) developing various successful business models for the insurance and automotive markets in Mexico and Latin America.

He has strong experience building technology companies to quickly gain market share with technology products and consulting services.
He is currently CEO of LoJack Mexicana for more than a year, a leading company in the recovery service for stolen vehicles. Its main function is to design the global strategy of the company, seeking to improve the customer experience in all its interactions.
In his spare time, David loves cooking for his family and friends and spending time with his two twin boys, now grown up, with whom he shares talks about technology and literature.

Leonel Da Luz

Sourcing System, an ally in the optimization of purchasing processes.

October 16TH

16:00 hrs

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Neogrid’s Sourcing System allows you to create recurring events, approve the information you have received from each supplier and track all responses to your requests in a simple and efficient way, guaranteeing:

Greater Productivity, with quotes consolidated in one place and their automatic analysis, decision making is facilitated while reducing operational effort.

Reliable audits, all purchase movements (bidding) are recorded and stored, its process is simpler, protecting your business from everyday errors.

Greater flexibility, you can customize the rules of how the quotation and purchase process will be carried out, customizing the data you need, field and permissions.

Our speaker

He has experience in B2B markets providing solutions and technologies for companies in the Supply Chain, Information Technology and Communications and Media areas of the USA, Spain and LATAM, which facilitates the exchange of experiences and information with the companies for which he works. and it serves. He works in Sales for Neogrid NA, marketing SaaS systems for SCM in the US, Mexico and Canada.

He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the IMT, a postgraduate degree in Digital Transmission Engineering from INATEL, an MBA in Business Administration from the FGV, and is a Student in Innovation and Business Dynamics from MIT

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